New Stuff — in case you were getting bored

Several new links (to right).  I try to find demos on YouTube that are at least close to the way we typically do these dance and taiji routines here at the mall.  There are many variations, no right/wrong.  What’s important is to take care & be safe.

I’ve added a version of the 40 forms Taiji that is close to what Master Tam teaches (at Penney’s and Dillards), and George practices (at Penney’s).  I’ll be going over this form in my classes as well, so stop by if you want to learn the form, brush up, or fine tune any details.

Also some of the new line dances we’re learning:  Caballero (this video has been up awhile), Be My Love, Be My Friend and Blame It On the Bossa Nova.  Again, some variations.  Don’t panic.  Think rhythm and balance.  As with Taiji, just be safe.

  • We don’t do the restart on Caballero.
  • First turn on the Be My Love video is a little different; either way is fine.
  • We’re still doing breakdown on the Bossa Nova, and changes are coming — get the rhythm and we’ll get there together :-).



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