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Information about Tai Chi at Weberstown Mall

88 forms tai chi (aka 108, 103, etc.) — Yang style

Master Tam & Judy Hong’s group is currently working on this loooong form (takes over 20 minutes to complete).  Try it, you’ll like it.

This form is slower than any other form I’ve met.  This gives you time to think about and perfect your moves.  Also very relaxing once you’ve learned it.  Music with clear calls saves you from the effort of trying to remember all the moves in the right order.

The 4-corners move (like many) is tricky.  At first you’ll need some extra steps for balance.  Later you’ll eliminate those steps as you anticipate turns and can use your waist to turn as you rock (without twisting knees).  But at first, there are lots and lots of little parts to remember.  Here’s a very detailed breakdown of 4-corners that I found very helpful, even though I’ve already stopped doing some of the smaller adjustments.


More from World Tai Chi Day

This fun, annual event is celebrated world wide.  This year one of our mall groups went up to Sacramento to join with others from San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento to demonstrate, practice . . . and have a picnic.  You can find many pictures of the event here:  Sacramento Tai Chi Day.


If you haven’t tried Tai Chi or QiGong yet . . . what’s the holdup?  Do yourself a favor and join one of the many groups practicing these healthy exercises at the mall.  All groups are open, and free.  Plan to follow along with many mistakes as you learn.  As your balance, strength and flexibility increase, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

World Tai Chi Day — 4-27-2013 — Be Inspired

Some of our mall Tai Chi folks attended the World Tai Chi Day celebration in Sacramento along with others from Sacramento, San Francisco, Davis and San Jose. The event was hosted by our friends, Sifu Jenny’s group, who arranged for space near the Zoo at William Land Park, and also provided a wonderful meal.

Here’s a video of a combined performance of the 42 forms:

Watch for folks you know.  And forgive our missteps, this is not a form we practice very often :-).  Just goes to show that you can have fun, even without being an expert.

I urge all mall walkers to give Qi Gong and Tai Chi a try.  It’s so good for body, mind & spirit, plus it will open up a whole new world of friends and possibilities for enjoying life more.

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